Human Resources

HR services
that put your people first

From onboarding all through off-boarding, there are opportunities at every turn to better your team’s performance. The approach you take is what determines whether your people-related efforts will pay off in the long term or if they will only serve to turn off your best team members. To achieve the former, we present our web-based HR platform.

This is your ultimate human resources, well, resource. You can log into your secure portal from any Internet-capable device and from anywhere in the world. Track employee data, view company snapshots of YTD, wage matters, hiring/termination, department totals, performance graphs, and more, and do it all in the most unobtrusive manner.

An attitude that's
stronger than a trend

As a business owner in the 21st century, you have undoubtedly been bombarded by HR service offers under the trending nomenclature ‘human capital management’.

But at Copiosm, we make things as simple as possible: We keep your people happy so they keep your business in high gear. In a line, we put the human back into human resources.

Copiosm Human Resources

  • - Automated Employee Garnishment Deposits
  • - Electronic New Hire Reporting
  • - Employee Self Service
  • - “Pay As You Go” Workers’ Comp Insurance
  • - Payroll Deductions & Benefits
  • (e.g. Health, Welfare, Retirement Plan, Advances and/or Commuter benefits)
  • - Employee Background Checks
  • - Labor Law Poster Prevision

We are Copiosm

Based in New York.
Serving a national client base.

The Copiosm equation:
Business – burden = delight.

Copiosm is at the junction of
people and precision.

We are Specialize in


Precise and always-timely

Payment options
to make everyone
happy :)

Tax & Benefits

tax filings.

Tiered benefits

Human Resources

HR services
that put your
people first.

An attitude that's
stronger than
a trend.

About Copio

We're from the New York area. Around here, time really is money. So when a group of entrepreneurs with experience in the payroll, financial services and accounting fields founded Copiosm, we understood that we could be the very best partner to businesses by eliminating three pain points: time delays, administrative headaches, and costly errors.

  • "As the owner of a growing-sized business, payroll used to be a growing burden for me. Ever since Copio showed us what friendly payroll means, my entire team has been able to breathe easier and refocus all efforts on our core business."

    - Mendel Deutsch | CFO NYC door

  • "Thank you Copio for making payroll and tax errors a thing of the past! You've saved us more money than the service fees you collect, which means we've actually profited from this partnership with you. Amazing!"

    - Yoel Salcer | CEO HiTech Merchant

  • "…That was then. But when a client introduced us to Copio, our head of IT said he finally found a payroll provider that could effectively design a system to handle our complex filings and garnishments. I wholeheartedly recommend them to my associates, because they deliver an experience every business owner needs."

    - David Kaufman | CEO Dart Media

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